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Keeb Kwm me ntsis ntawm nais phoos Vaj Pov

Txawm yuav yog haiv neeg twg los yeej muaj ob pawg neeg pom tsis sib xws. Hais txog ntawm Hmoob tau tuaj nyob rau teb chaws asmeslibkas, ib pawg Hmoob hais tias vim yog muaj yawg hlob nais phoos Vaj Pov sawv daws thiaj li tau tuaj, ib txhia hais tias lawd tuaj lawd xwb tsis yog muaj yawg hlob nais phoos Vaj Pov. Ib pawg hwm nais phoos Vaj Pov yog lawd tus thawj coj thiab zoo tas ntua li yog lawd tus huab tais. Ib pawg ntxub nais phoos Vaj Pov, tos tsis tau hnov ib lo ob lo ces muab hais ib phab ua pheed mus thoob plaws ntiaj teb. Nod yog cwj pwm ntawm tib neeg nyob hauv lub ntiaj teb no tsis yog muaj nyob rau ntawd tsev neeg Hmoob xwb.

Kuv tau mus twm txog kev sib cav nyob rau chav soc.culture.hmong: kuv tau pom txog cov nqi lus nram qab no yog ib cov lus tseem ceeb sau los ntawm Doctor Pov Thoj nyob teb chaws auv-xam-tas-lias (Australia) txog me ntsis ntawm nais phoos Vaj Pov. Kuv xav tias tsim nyog muab coj los sau thiab tso tseg rau ntawm SHR thaj chaws no rau sawv daws tau nyeem kom paub txog yav tas ntau dua tuaj.

Cov ntawv nram no yog sau los ntawm Doctor Pov Thoj:

First, VP is technically has not been THE Hmong leader for 65 years - but VP has been A LEADER since he attended primary school. Since his early childhood, he was well known to be a leader among his peer, in his family and the among the villagers. The talk of the town was that when VP grew up, "Nws yuav yog huam nab Laib or Hauv Nab Hmoob".

VP has lived to his expectation.

During his early age with the Hmong Militia with Touby and his service with the French and the Royal Lao Army, he was a common officer, out of place and out of time. Even he was a Major in the Royal lao Army but he was not fit for any job - no soldiers under him, no specfic or significant responsibility.

But he was there and noted by all for his idiosyncrasies and the many problems that he caused to others and to himself.

But VP is man of destiny. There are some half dozen assassination attempt on his life but he survived and the only explanation, if any one care to analyze the events of those assassinations, is that VP yog tus neeg MUAJ HMOO tiag. Sometimes, only and just a split of seconds that change the entire sequence of the assasination plan and VP walked out safely even he was not even aware of the plot (if any one watch the movie, :Run LOLA run... you would understand what I mean).

VP may have feel his destiny. When he went to his early lifr, he acted as he was the leader, doing his own thing, in his own way. He was the man out of his time. But all that has prepared him well for waht to come later - until his "calling" came in the after-match of the Kong Le coup d'etat when Bill Lair went to Laos to LOOK FOR VP. (see my little book: How the CIA found the Hmong - based on the interview with Bill Lair).

So, here we have the right formula: the right time, the right place (Padong) and the right people come together (VP+Lair). Here TIMING is the magic. VP time had come to him in full... at the magic time! (Today there are many Hmong potential leader but their MAGIC time has never arrive yet... but it will come! but no body know WHEN, WHERE or WHO and WHO - that is the intriguing thing for us all).

When he was at Longcheng, doing his own fighting, the Laolum had trouble in Vientiane with the Phoumi Nosavan coup d'etat, the Commander of the 2nd Military Region was in the wrong side and when the Phoumi coup was crashed, the Commander of the 2nd Mil region was removed AND it just happened that VP was at RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, and being the RIGHT person for the job. VP was appointed as the new Commander of the 2nd Mil Region and became a general.

As far as the Lyfoung are concern, VP had tactically removed the Lyfoung to be marooned in Vientiane, playing with politic with the Lao, and Ly Vang Tongpao to joined Kong Le in Vang Vieng. I have not heard any where that the CIA had anything to do with it. Bill Lair was only interested to have VP to fight the communist. He did not even know other Hmong personalities (based on my impression when I talked to him on the phone and my long discussion with him when I was his guest at his ranch in Texas in 2004). Hence, the Lee force was effectively removed as early as 1965. This gives VP the unobstructed way to structure the ruling of the Hmong with the new wave of Chao Mouang, Nai Kong, Tasseng, the Court system in Longcheng ect... with no interference from the Lyfoung and the Tongpao and others.

From all the materials that I have read over the last 25 years, in Lao, YThai, English, french and Vietnamese, I have not found any information to support your statement that the CIA has any plan to "...unconsciously, peacefully transfer power from touby lyfoung to vp,..).

As far as I have learned, the CIA has no plan for the Hmong - except the only plan that Bill Lair put to VP to establish Sayabouri as the fall-out base for the Hmong in eastern side ogf the Mekong. VP was too busy and he did not implement Bill's Sayburi plan. Attempt was med after the fall of Phou Phathi but at that time Bill Lair had left Laos and the new CIA chief knew nothing about the Sayabouri plan. Worst still, the US had already decide to give Laos to the Lao communist and the US only concentrate on South Vietnam - Peace with honor - exit strategy. The US had already washed their hands out of Laos as early as 1968... and when VP requested for the new wave of refugees as part of the after-match of the fall of Phou Phathi, to be removed to Sayabouri, the US Embassy was not even considered it!

The lost of lives under VP... This is true that ONE Generation of Hmong had died during the 13 years of VP in Laos. This is a huge lost when we look at it retro- perspectively. But in reality, during the war, as I had lived thru the war since I was 10 days old, it is simply a reflection of the bravely and commitment of the Hmong elders to defend their livelihood in Laos. As VP told Lair, the Hmong can either fight or flee. VP decided to fight and that was the history on the Hmong in Laos. And after 1975, the Hmong were face with the same choice - to submit or fight, to flee. We know what happen to those three groups as we are the by-products of their 1975-decision and much of the current Hmong problems are the by-products of the decision of 1975.

On the other side of the coin, one can contemplate the WHAT IF... What IF VP decided in 1961 that "The Hmong to flee"... WHERE WOULD THE HMONG BE TODAY? WHAT IF the Hmong did not follow VP? We had to be fair that VP had airlift some 2500 out of Laos as part of his group to FLEE Laos. What would happen IF we let those 2500 people flee alone and the rest of the Hmong stay in Laos?

VP told the Hmong to stay in Laos. Touby told the Hmong to satay in Laos. Ly Teck told the Hmong to stay in Laos and he even flexed his real muscles at Hin Heup.. but we know what happen to the Hmong after 1975.

That are the many questions - THOSE questions will stay on the mind of generations to come and they we can write book about it but we will NEVER know what happen. WHAT IF>>>>

If What IF... Would be be debated in the SCH as we are now?

More later

Pao "A drop of ink can makes 1000 think"

Yog koj muaj tswv yim thiab ho pom li cas los ntawm koj tus kheej, sau tseg rau nram qab no.


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