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South Korea’s National Assembly Chairman visited Hmong in Thailand

South Korea’s National Assembly Chairman, Mr. Kang Chang-hee, embarked on a 12-day trip to Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between South Korea and the emerging Southeast Asian economies. During his trip to Thailand, Mr. Kang Chang-hee, also came to visit the Hmong hill tribe at Doi Pui village on Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai province. Mr. Kang interests to experience the lifestyle and traditional culture of the Hmong community. And for this occasion, many Hmong dressed in their traditional costumes to hold a tremendous and beautiful culture event to welcome the South Korea parliament team.
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Mr. Kang Chang-hee came to visit Thailand as a guest of the government during January 16-20, 2013. This official visiting is a way to tie diplomatic and to promote parliamentary relations. He said that the Republic of South Korea interests to invest in natural resources, road constructions, technology development along with environmental research between the two countries. Also, he exchanged opinions on ways to enhance the chances for South Korean firms to take part in water management projects in Thailand.

In addition, Mr. Somsak Kiatsuranont, Thailand’s parliament chairman, welcomed Mr. Kang and encouraged investors to invest even more in his country because Thailand is the value that will lead to the AEC. Thailand is ready for investors, Mr. Somsak said.

Also, AEC or ASEAN Economic Community is agreement envisioned by the ten nations in Southeast Asia to create a unified market that would establish free flows of goods, services, skilled labors, and foreign direct investment by 2015.

At approximately 4:00 pm on Saturday 19, Mr. Kang Chang-hee with his wife, and officers also visited Hmong hill tribe at Doi Pui village on Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai province, in the north of the country. Hmong villagers and their leaders gathered to welcome South Korea's parliament chairman at the Hmong Hilltribe Museum.

On this occasion, Hmong dressed in their original costumes and showed the well-being of the Hmong in the past. The show demonstrated the traditional culture of the Hmong community such as tossing ball during the Hmong New Year celebration, mill corn by using the igneous rock, textile Hmong clothes, and played the top game. They also showed how to weaving and embroidery their clothes.

South Korea parliament officers also tour inside Hmong traditional houses at the museum. The houses demonstrate the Hmong ancient lifestyle and their instruments. South Korea's National Assembly Chairman said that he was impressed with the shows and thanked to the Hmong community for their warm welcome.

Article contributed by Jingkhu Xiong email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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