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NengChue Vang, one of General Vang Pao's sons, begins pursuing his father's dream

By Richard Wanglue

Milwaukee, WI --- NengChue Vang, one of General Vang Pao's sons, held a Hmong Leadership Summit Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 3, 2011. He officially launched his duty to work with the Hmong community to pursue his father's dream.  More than 100 Hmong representatives and leaders from Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Michigan, Illinois and elsewhere participated in the meeting.
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Nengchue Vang shared his past experiences working with the Princess of Thailand in hopes that his close relationships he has been building will open the door for him to pursue abroad plans; such as, building education facilities and pursuing other projects to help the Hmong community in Laos, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

"I am calling for volunteers to help me to pursue my father's dream starting the beginning of 2012..." said NengChue Vang.

There are 14 known issues that were presented in the meeting as part of the plan for Nengchue Vang and his team to begin to explore and put into their in progress plan.

"I will suport you if you are doing the right thing..." said Cher Khang (niam zoov Xeem Xyooj), President of See Yee Community in Milwaukee.

Nengchue Vang was nominated by General Vang Pao’s wife (niam ntxhoo) during the funeral service for General Vang Pao in Fresno, California. He is to represent General Vang Pao and the family to find ways to pursue solution to General Vang Pao's dream that he had left behind.

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