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Suab Hmong News will be covering the funeral service for May Song Vang


Suab Hmong News will be covering the Hmong tradition funeral service ceremony for May Song Vang, Mrs. General Vang Pao, from the Fresno Fairgrounds in Fresno, California from August 23 to 26, 2013.  

Click here to see the high level program for each of the day.

We will be broadcasting our daily coverage on the evening throughout the funeral service ceremony on Check back right here for any latest updated on our coverage!
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Suab Hmoob Xov Xwm yuav mus muab xov xwm nyob rau ntawm kev ua kab lig kev cai rau Maiv Ntxhoo Vaj uas yog niam Nais Phoos Vaj Pov nyob rau ntawm Fresno Fairgrounds hauv nroog Fresno xeev California pib lub 8 hli tim 23 txog rau lub 8 hli tim 26 xyoo 2013.

Tig los saib Suab Hmoob Xov Xwm yuav tshaj tawm txhua hmo ntawm lub ntees nyob rau ntawm pib lub 8 hli tim 23 xyoo 2013.

Nyem ntawm no mus saib tau cov laj txheej rau ntawm 4 hnub.

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