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A new face and new voice at Hmong Reprt At 7

By Richard Wanglue Vang. There is a new face and a new voice at Hmong Report At 7.  Kayeng Xiong(Jeff Xiong) is the new News Anchor for Hmong Report At 7 starting March 1, 2010.  His first day debuted on the Suab Hmong Radio LIVE Talkshow topic “Hmong Rally in Sacramento” on March 15, 2010 and on Hmong Report At 7 “Sacramento Federal Court”.

Click below links to watch the latest development in the Hmong community from Hmong Report At 7:
Sacramento Federal Court
National Hmong Grave Descration.
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Hmong Report At 7 is a partner of Suab Hmong (Suab Hmong Radio and Suab Hmong Special Coverage) in the Hmong media.  Together, we bring you the latest accurate breaking News that are happening in the Hmong community around the globe.

Hmong Report At 7 is a sub TV program for Crossing TV (  It broadcasts its TV in Hmong daily at 7:00 PM on Comcast Channel 238 in the northern region of Sacramento, CA and on KBTV Channel 8 in the central part of Sacramento, CA area.

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