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Five trees planted in honor and symbolize of Hmong

By Richard Wanglue.  Five trees planted at Winnebago County Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin by the Asian Memorial Festival committee to honor and symbolize Hmong individual who had served and led the Hmong community in the past. 

One tree planted in honor and symbolizes of Touby Lyfoung; from 1917 to 1979, Touby Lyfoung was a Hmong political and military leader. Born in 1917 in Nong Het, Laos, he became the first Hmong politician to achieve national prominence. During his long career, which

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began under French colonial rule and extended to the communist takeover in 1975, he supported the Royal Lao Government and American involvement in the Secret War.

The two trees on the photo above, the left in honor of Touby Lyfoung and the right in honor of Lue Lee.  The photos were taking on May 30, 2010 during the 2010 Asian Memorial Festival.

One tree planted in honor and symbolizes of Lee Lue; from 1935 to July 12, 1969, Lee Lue was a Laotian Hmong fighter bomber pilot notable for flying more combat missions than any other pilot in the Kingdom of Laos. Lee Lue flew continuously, as many as 10 missions a day and averaging 120 combat missions a month to build a total of more than 5,000 sorties. Lee Lue was the leader of the special group of Hmong pilots flying T-28Ds out of Long Tieng against the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese. 

Three trees planted to symbolize the unity of the Hmong community.  The Hmong word “Peb” means “Three” also means “We” so the three trees represented “We” as “we Hmong”.

“We talked to the Winnebago County Park representatives and they agreed to allow us to plant the trees in honor and symbolize of Hmong individual who had helped and brought the Hmong community to the next new level of life” said Kor Xiong, one of the event coordinator for the 2010 Asian Memorial Festival.

The Asian Memorial Festival hold annually on Memorial Day weekend at Winnebago County Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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