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Listen to Suab Hmong Radio LIVE TalkShow on Miss Hmong Wisconsin Pageant 11/22/2010

By Richard Wanglue.  Victor M. Vaj will be LIVE with Kandyce Vang, Coordinator Miss Hmong Wisconsin Pageant, on the Suab Hmong Radio LIVE TalkShow on November 22, 2010 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM to talk about the upcoming 2011 Miss Hmong Wisconsin competition will be held during the 2011 Hmong Milwaukee New Year Celebration on December 11 and 12, 2010.

Click here to listen to Suab Hmong Radio LIVE TalkShow, Victor M. Vaj with Kandyce Vang.

You could join in with the discussion by call-in 347-855-8091 on your phone and press 1 after you connected.
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Victor M. Vaj yuav muaj kev sib tham nrog Kandyce Vang, tus tswj txog kev sib tw ntxhais nkauj ntsuab, nyob huav Suab Hmoob Xov Tooj Cua rau lub 11 hli ntuj hnub tim 22 xyoo 2010 pib thaum 8 teev tsaus ntuj txog rau 10 teev tsaus ntuj.  Koj muaj feem hu tuaj koom nrog kev sib tham tau rau ntawm 347-855-9091 nyem tus zauv ib ntawm koj lub xov tooj tom qab koj hu tau lawm.

HISTORY about Miss Hmong Milwaukee from Hmong Milwaukee website

Since 2008, the Milwaukee Hmong New Year has ran a successful pageant program crowning three beautiful and talented young women as Miss Hmong Milwaukee. Beginning in 2011, we are proud to extend this title to young Hmong girls around the state of Wisconsin. This title is now changed to Miss Hmong Wisconsin to better reflect and represent the Hmong community in the state.

The Miss Hmong Wisconsin Program is design to cultivate and develop youth leadership in our community. We hope to identify young women who have the potential to lead in today's contemporary society. The main role of the Miss Hmong Wisconsin is to be an excellent role model in all aspects of life including education, leadership, and cultural/social value.

The responsibilities of the Miss Hmong Wisconsin include but are not limited to:

    * One full year of the reign (date of title received to date of next Miss Hmong Wisconsin is chosen)
    * Being a good role model to Hmong community and the community at large
    * Representing the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium and/or Milwaukee Hmong New Year
    * Engaging in necessary civic duties
    * Completing 75 hours of Community Service (Service activities must be approved by the Director of Miss Hmong Wisconsin or the Chairman of Hmong Consortium)
    * Serving as lead pageant trainer for the following year
    * Serving on the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium Board/Milwaukee Hmong New Year Planning Committee during her reign
    * Attending the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium/Milwaukee Hmong New Year meeting and the Pageant Committee meeting
    * Serving on the Beauty Pageant committee
    * Presenting or speaking in public as requested
    * Not getting married and/or becoming pregnant during her reign
    * Attending special community events.  The Pageant Committee and/or the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium will determine the schedule for Miss Hmong Wisconsin. Absences must be pre-approved by the Director of Miss Hmong Wisconsin.  Promptness is expected at all events.  Excessive tardiness or absences may result is dismissal
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    * Adhering to all pageant rules and guidelines
    * Respecting all final decisions related to Miss Hmong Wisconsin made by the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium Board/Milwaukee Hmong New Year Planning Committee and/or Miss Hmong Wisconsin Pageant Committee
A more comprehensive list of responsibilities is available in the Miss Hmong Wisconsin Handbook.

Some of the positive outcomes of our Beauty Pageant program:
While the beauty pageant may be perceived by many as the game of face and physical beauty, to those of us who believe in it, this contest is actually filled with many challenges, rewards, and personal satisfaction.  It is not just about beauty.  Rather, it is about building self confidence, leadership development, and ultimately defining who you really are.

The followings are some highlights of personal success that our pageant program contributed or influenced:

    * Our Miss Hmong Milwaukee 2008 is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Nursing and working at St. Luke’s Hospital.

    * Our third place winner in 2008 went on to compete for the Miss Hmong Michigan title and currently holding the reign of Miss Hmong Michigan.
    * Our youngest contestant for 2008 is currently the coach for one of the top dance team in Wisconsin, Nkauj Hmoob Hnub Qub.
    * One of our contestants of the 2008 team is currently the coach for another top dance team in Wisconsin, Ntxhais Hli Ci.
    * Our Miss Hmong Milwaukee 2009 is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-White Water and the Chair of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Marketing and Advertising Committee. She successfully and independently raised more than $700.00 during her reign to contribute to the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Scholarship fund.
    * Our second place winner for 2009 is currently the chair of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Dance Competition Committee.
    * Our third place winner for 2009 went on to be the trainer for Miss Hmong Pre-teen in Milwaukee.
    * One of our contestants for 2009 is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Adult Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
    * Our Miss Hmong Milwaukee 2010 is currently the Co-chair of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Scholarship Committee.  She along with our 2nd and 3rd place winners successfully raised more than $800.00 to contribute to the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Scholarship fund. All three are also the trainers for the Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2011 and volunteered countless hours for the Milwaukee Hmong New Year.

Through our pageant program, our contestants have come to the realization that their community needs them as much as they need their community. Thus, many of our contestants formed an everlasting relationship with the community as well as among themselves. In addition, the program made parents realize the importance of supporting their daughter both during the competition and long after the competition is over. The interaction between mothers and daughters becomes an ever blooming flower that, for some, is a lifelong lasting.

Obviously, our community has already greatly benefited from the leadership roles and initiatives our former contestants took or are taking. We have high confidence that these young women will continue such leadership momentum going forward and will eventually become responsible adults and leaders in our community in the years ahead.

With these positive outcomes, the pageant committee would like to extend you the opportunity to join us as a sponsor, contestant, parent, or supporter.  We hope to see you this year as we welcome our very first Miss Hmong Wisconsin 2011.

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