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Richard Vang GIS team to complete a significant project at Harley-Davidson

Every motorcycle we produce gets a certificate of origin, which is like its birth certificate. The certificate of origin makes the motorcycle “official,” and allows us to track it through the sales process. More importantly, the certificate of origin is proof of ownership, which is very important to our customers when they purchase one of our bikes. Essentially, if we can’t produce certificates of origin, customers won’t purchase our motorcycles.

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Certificates of origin for motorcycle shipments and invoices for P&A/General Merchandise products are sent to dealerships each day. In an effort to reduce risk throughout our major business processes, the Business Continuity Management and Accounts Receivables areas identified the certificate of origin and dealer invoicing process as a high-risk area that was in need of a continuity solution.

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Harley-Davidson had one cell for printing certificates of origin for motorcycles and invoices for P&A/General Merchandise, which was housed at the Juneau Avenue facility. This area generates an average of 450,000 certificates of origin and invoices each month that are then sent to dealerships to coincide with the shipments they receive each day. If this certificate of origin and dealer invoicing process malfunctioned, we did not have a back-up system in place to ensure these important documents were printed, thus leading to missed sales and a related reduction in cash flow.

“In the spirit of mitigating risks that can lead to business disruptions, we made it a priority to create a duplicate certificate of origin and dealer invoicing process,” said Dwaynne Massey, Manager, Business Continuity. “Working closely with Tom Bohne in Accounts Receivable and Jeff Regner in Facilities and Services, we pulled a team together to make it happen in a few short months.”

Discussions about the project began this past spring and by June, a team which included members from Accounts Receivable, GIS, Printing Office Services, Gordon Flesch, Facilities and Business Continuity was meeting regularly to implement a solution. The end result was a duplicate cell in the Data Center at Pilgrim Road that is dedicated to the printing of these important documents.

“The new system is our back-up in case something would happen to the equipment at Juneau Avenue,” said Tom. “Our Printing Office Services staff goes out to Pilgrim Road at least once per month to test it by running actual certificates of origin and dealer invoices from that location. It’s a big relief to know we now have this safety net.”

What makes this solution even better is there was no incremental cost to the Company to establish this new printing cell. Instead, the Company acquired the new printing cell equipment without an increase in our monthly costs by signing a two-year contract extension with Gordon Flesch, the provider of all copiers, printers and other office equipment, including the certificate of origin and dealer invoicing printing equipment.

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