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Day 3 funeral services for General Vang Pao in Fresno, CA

By Richard Wanglue.  Day 3 funeral services for General Vang Pao filled with Hmong rituals, Lao Buddhist ceremony, and message of condolences from Hmong and non-Hmong organizations, dignitaries, and representatives from all over the world.

Speeched by Laotian Dignitaries included Phagna Khamphay Abhay, and Dr. Touxua Lyfong.  Other speeches included representative from Phagna Touby and Phagna Tougeu Lyfong families; General Soutchay Vongsavanh, Col. Khampnanh Luangviseth, Col. Pheng

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Chanthadoungsy, and Col. Koka Phomsopha.

Click here to listen to Suab Hmong Radio LIVE from Fresno, CA on February 6, 2011

John Decker, General Vang Pao Attorney, gave speech and said farewell to General Vang Pao.

Condolences from many Dignitaries, Organizations, and Associations continued to the night.

A minor controversy on the media coverage rose early on Sunday due to concerns rasied on an email communication from the Media Contact.  The email sent out to the registered media as follow:

Starting today, Sunday, both Hmong and non-Hmong media will be tightly restricted to the raised platform in the back of the convention hall.
Only pre-approved media is allowed to record/document parts of today's Buddhist rituals. 
Exceptions will be made ONLY with a media escort.
Additionally, media will no longer have access to convention floors from 11pm to 7am starting today (Sunday) through Weds

I raised concerns to the Media Contact that by restricting media coverage to areas and time will create controversial for Hmong media coverage especially thousands of Hmong are viewing the LIVE stream online program from around the world.  I also raised the concerns that there was no volunteer staff to assure only media staffs to use the raised platform on the second day to allow spaces for registered media.  Later in the day, Mike Vang, Media Coordinator, confirmed that all media staffs can move up to coverage the restricted areas with the exception of leaving spaces during the crowded time for emergency situations.

Day 4 funeral service for General Vang Pao was scheduled for public views and Hmong rituals.  The funeral services will continue until Tuesday February 8, 2011.

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